Stepping Forward for the Environment

Stepping Forward for Environment

Keeping the environment clean is everyone’s responsibility. We cannot leave it to future generations to take care of the Planet. But to act responsibly, we need information. This way, we can make informed decisions on things that affect our lives.

There are several issues that are of concern to TrEES. Take the first step forward, by reading up on these issues.

Because if we don’t take the first step, who will??


What Can You Do?

Let your voice be heard. For example:

Post a comment on the facebook sites of our Prime Minister and Selangor Chief Minister. Keep it positive and polite, but let your concerns be heard.

Prime Minister of Malaysia

Chief Minister of Selangor

Write a letter to the newspaper, or to an online media.

Ask your ADUN or MP what he or she is doing about these issues and other issues relating to the environment.