Empowering Communities, Protecting The Environment

Empowering Malaysians through education and hands-on activities to actively
protect and conserve the environment that they are a part of, and depend on
for their well-being.

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"TrEES School Programme has done something that no other has done before this. That is the programme has made us “wake up” to the surroundings and the global concerns on our environment. It has made us realize that we are the youth on whose shoulders lies the responsibility of conserving the beauty and vigor of forests. The programme has thus instilled in us, a sense of belonging which we never felt before."
“Matlamat utama program ini ialah memberi kuasa kepada para pelajar sekolah menengah untuk mengambil tindakan dalam mengurangkan kesan ekologi sekolah masing-masing.  Kita perlu bekerjasama menyelesaikan masalah ini kerana hubungan antara manusia dan alam semulajadi amat berkait rapat dan saling memerlukan antara satu sama lain bagi meneruskan kehidupan.”

TrEES school programme ‘Young Voices for Conservation’ (YV4C) focuses on civic engagement to develop positive mindsets within the school community.  Our youth are passionate, energetic and creative. When they do something they believe in, they do it from their hearts, passionately and full of conviction.  As they challenge themselves, they learn about the world and discover how to be a positive force within it.

YV4C compliments the Malaysian Education Blueprint and is a national co-curricular programme under the Ministry of Education Co-curricular and Arts Division.  The programme is a springboard for students in secondary schools to take the lead in societal adoption of environmentally sustainable lifestyles.  Our programme helps students realise their potential by providing an opportunity to transform their creative ideas into a functional, real-life, working campaign. 

YV4C provides a framework for youth to help protect the environment through applied learning and practical training.  TrEES engagement with the schools throughout the programme triggers the passion and commitment of the student project teams to drive change and influence their peers. 

Schools participating in the programme are from urban, suburban and rural areas.   Our programme is designed to mix and integrate students and teachers from diverse backgrounds.  Participating teams learn to work together within a diverse group (gender, racial and religious) to make decisions, experiment, analyze, and solve problems.  Regardless of the diverse backgrounds and perspectives that may exist within our school communities, a bond is created in the process of protecting the environment.

Student teams, hone their leadership and technical skills as they develop solutions. They act as mentors and mobilisers within their respective schools.  In the process, they morph into young leaders and agents for positive change.  


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