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Taman Warisan Negeri SelangorResembling the back of a dragon, the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge is a world-class geological wonder and a key feature of the Selangor State Park.  It provides a breathtaking backdrop for the city.  Made up entirely of white milky quartz, it is one of the longest quartz outcrops of its kind in the world, measuring about 14 km long above ground and more than 50 m wide at certain sections.  The “reef” is located just outside the north-eastern part of Kuala Lumpur, stretching from Taman Seri Gombak to Kampung Kemesah and is most conspicuous from Bukit Guling Ayam, near Kg. Sg. Chinchin in the west to Bukit Batu Chondong in the east.
Taman Warisan Negeri SelangorThis reef can be classified as a geotope, having outstanding geological value. It was formed over 100 million years ago.  Among its summits today are the Bukit Batu Tabor (534 m), Bukit Rata (367 m) and Bukit Batu Chondong (322 m).  Its craggy form supporting only sparse vegetation recalls the karst appearance of limestone hills elsewhere.  The ridge is also under threat from the proposed development of the KL Outer Ring Road. 
Taman Warisan Negeri SelangorVegetation on the Ridge (dominated by elegant stands of cucur atap or Baeckea frutescens trees in places) is adapted to the harsh, thin and infertile sandy substrate weathered from the quartz. There are five species of plants found here that occur nowhere else in the world (i.e., they are endemic to the ridge and its immediate vicinity). These species are: the shrubby Aleisanthia rupestris found on exposed rocks on the ridge, the tree Ilex praetermissa, the herb Borreria pilulifera, the grass Eulalia milsumii and the herb Henckelia primulina, which is a relative of the African Violet but with yellow flowers.
Taman Warisan Negeri SelangorThe Quartz Ridge itself has long been the sanctuary of the serow, an indigenous wild goat also known as kambing gurun or ‘mountain goat’ among the locals.  The serow ranges into other forest patches, thus requiring a wider area than just the Ridge, to survive.  More than 30 species of frogs have been recorded for this region.
Taman Warisan Negeri Selangor

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