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Taman Warisan Negeri SelangorThe park is characterized by a strong topographic relief in which much of the area is occupied by mountainous highlands greater than 300 metres above sea level and slopes greater than 25 degrees.  Almost all areas within the Park boundary are classified in the ‘very high risk’ category for soil erosion.
Taman Warisan Negeri SelangorThe highest peak is Gunung Nuang, achieving a height of 1,493m.  Other prominent mountains in the area are Bukit Choroco, Bukit Kunong and Bukit Kutu in the northeastern part, Bukit Ulu Rumput and Bukit Chenuang in the east central region and Bukit Naning and Bukit Arang in the south.  Undulating hills are confined to the western side. 

Quartz ridges, hot springs and waterfalls make up some of the special geological features within Taman Warisan Negeri Selangor.  Whereas waterfalls and hot springs are recreational attractions, there are a number of quartz reefs in the state park area.  The most splendid is the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge in Ulu Gombak, which is a natural monument about 14 km long.  Geologists may be interested in another, the Tekali Quartz Reef about 10 km in length, located in the Semenyih valley south-west of the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge.
Taman Warisan Negeri Selangor

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