Empowering Communities, Protecting The Environment

Empowering Malaysians through education and hands-on activities to actively
protect and conserve the environment that they are a part of, and depend on
for their well-being.

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Living SustainablyDuring TrEES activities and discussions with the community, many members of the public had expressed the need for more information on the environment and how to translate this knowledge into action.

This section provides materials for the community including teachers, students and members of the public to increase environmental awareness and inspire participation in environmental activities.  

These resources are intended to:
  • develop an increased knowledge of the 4Rs (Re-think, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle);
  • help educate the community about our natural resources and the important role they play in maintaining our quality of life;
  • provide information on what individuals can do to reduce their ecological footprint and protect Malaysia’s biodiversity;
  • develop a sense of responsibility and urgency regarding environmental issues and help people take action.

Living Sustainably

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