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Pusat Kasih Sayang YWCA Klang

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: 134 Leboh Seraya,
Taman Palm Grove,
41200 Klang, Selangor
A charitable organization to aid intellectually impaired women, Pusat Kasih Sayang moved into their completed new home located at Taman Palm Grove in 2012.  The women are kept busy and happy, with training sessions that include simple writing, colouring, singing, exercising and dancing. In the afternoon, the residents will pack straws in the sheltered workshop, to improve their motor skills and experience simple working life.  

Community Recycling ProgrammeSome women are brought to the home by loving family members, but sadly, some of the women at Pusat Kasih Sayang have been abandoned or left behind by deceased parents.  Many of them don’t see new faces or places very often, which is why the caretaker of Pusat Kasih Sayang encourages the public to organize field trips outside the home to allow the residents to experience the outdoors more often.  Pusat Kasih Sayang also warmly welcomes cash donations to help with the centre’s expenses.  

Through TrEES’ community recycling program, the home is able to earn extra income from the sale of the recyclables, which is used for the daily expenses of the home. The recycling programme is also used as another training tool, to educate the residents in a variety of skills as well as to raise environmental awareness.  So please, bring your recyclables and other items to help Pusat Kasih Sayang continue their excellent work.
Community Recycling Programme
Community Recycling Programme

Map to Pusat Kasih Sayang

Community Recycling Programme

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