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Community Recycling Programme : 4Rs
Re-Think, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Pioneering recycling and the concept of 4Rs’ within the community
Community Recycling ProgrammeTrEES community recycling programme began in 1995. At that time, earlier initiatives by others to get Malaysians to recycle had failed. Not many people were aware that waste was having a huge adverse impact on the environment.  Waste was also not seen as something of value that could be recycled or re-used. TrEES developed a recycling programme to address these views, educate the public on what could be done and worked with partners to provide one-stop recycling collection centres to provide the public easy access to recycling. Under the system set up by TrEES, members of the public could choose to either sell their recyclables for cash or donate their recyclables to charitable organisations selecting the type of recycling centre they visited.  
Community Recycling ProgrammeTrEES has helped to establish more than 100 recycling centres – at retail outlets, charitable organisations and schools.  TrEES has also helped many private companies to initiate in-house recycling programmes.  The programme is driven in partnership with local councils, recyclers, private companies, charity groups, residents and schools.  By working with the different sectors of the community, TrEES has been able to ensure that this cost-effective programme runs at minimal cost and is self-sustaining. Since then, thousands of tonnes of materials have been recycled.
Community Recycling ProgrammeMany of the centres set up by TrEES are still running successfully and have over the years been built upon and replicated by the government and other organisations.  The Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government’s National Recycling Campaign is modelled, in part, after this highly effective programme.   The programme is self-sustaining, and more importantly, raises funds for the community including welfare organisations and schools.

Total funds raised for the community to-date: RM1.5 million
Total Tonnage Recycled to-date: 12,000 tonnes

Help protect our environment.  Get involved in TrEES’ Community Recycling Programme:
  • Start separating your waste at home, and turn your trash into valuable resources;
  •  Send your recyclables to a recycling centre near you and help raise funds for the less fortunate while you help protect the planet;
  • Contact Us to find out how you can
    • start a recycling programme in your office, school or community or
    • help raise funds for one of TrEES’ charitable organization partners by donating the recyclables from your office or community 
Community Recycling Programme
Community Recycling Programme
Community Recycling Programme

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