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protect and conserve the environment that they are a part of, and depend on
for their well-being.

A Life-Changing Experience : YV4C 2017 Opens for Registration !

March 24, 2017

Please email TrEES at [email protected] to register for the programme.  The deadline for registration is Tuesday, 11 April 2017.

Calling all secondary Schools in Selangor, KL, Putrajaya, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang and Perak.  Register with TrEES and participate in a programme that students have described as life-changing.  

Over the years, the programme has attracted the participation of an increasing number of schools.  This is in part due to the structure and flexibility of the programme as well as the mentoring provided throughout the programme that guides student project teams to engage and mobilise the school community.  
Young Voices for Conservation (YV4C) is a vehicle for student growth - teaching the students valuable new skills and unlocking their many talents.  The programme empowers students from different backgrounds as they come together with one common goal – protecting the environment by adopting sustainable habits.
​Students are exposed to how their daily routine have an effect on their surroundings. More importantly, students begin to understand and realise that they play an important role and can make a difference. Passionate and driven, students develop into young leaders and agents of positive change within their respective schools.

 Students coming from diverse ba
ckgrounds and with different perspectives learn to work together to make decisions, experiment and solve problems.   Participating in the programme, students learn about teamwork, time management, patience, commitment and discipline.  They learn to challenge themselves and move out of their comfort zone.  They learn to monitor and evaluate what they do and that failing is part of learning.  They gain confidence in their own abilities and develop real-life social and technical skills. Most importantly they learn that when they are interested, passionate and inspired they can move mountains.
Throughout the programme, students not only learn from each other and become united as part of a community but also bond together as friends. Students also feel a sense of purpose and belonging which is a tremendous asset to our nation building.

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